Monday, May 28, 2007

Ask Kenyanchick!

Look, I'm bored. And so, because nobody tagged me (I'm looking at you, Archer), I've decided to take matters into my own hands, throw down the gauntlet, take the bull by the horns...

(See? Told you I was bored).

Anyway, I've decided to invite y'all to Ask Kenyanchick.

However, don't bother asking me dumb stuff like my real name, bra size, or what I really think about Kenyan politics. I'll just lie.

But - because some people didn't tag me - I've decided to get the ball rolling and insistently answer one of the questions I wasn't asked (me? bitter?).

So, by force:

Three things (that you probably didn’t know) about Kenyanchick
  1. You know a thumbs up? I can do that with my toes. Seriously.
  2. I can write legibly with both hands. I used to be able to write backwards, but I must have bumped my head again, because now I can’t.
  3. I hate rap/hip hop (there’s no difference as far as I can see). But there are few songs on God’s green earth that I despise as much as George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” I will do anything – confess to killing JFK/Gandhi/Lumumba/anything – to make that song stop.
So, that should get you started. Knock yourselves out.


Anonymous Bomseh said...

Firstly, I wuda tagged you if you had accepted the first
tag then. So I thought you are not taggable.

So to the Ask Kenyanchick:

1. What happened to the sequel of this post?

2. What music do you listen to?

3. What inspires you to do your crazy posts?

4. Why do you like going missing in action for soo long?

Let me not ask all the questions. The rest of them bloggers will get envious of me being up here first and ropokaiing.

28 May, 2007 16:51  
Blogger Jonathan said...


1. Another vote for bomseh's Question 1 (you know there are like a thousand people waiting for it...)

2. Favourite place you've visited?

28 May, 2007 22:07  
Anonymous acolyte said...

Yeah! Top 3! Good to have you here even if it is for a short while to indulge your tag lust.
I envy ambidextrous people! You lucky peeps you think with both sides of your brain equally.
If you read my last post in fact anyone who reads my blog knows how much I dislike contemporary music.
Don't go MIA so much!

29 May, 2007 01:15  
Blogger The 27th Comrade said...

Woo-hoo! Now I'm seriously wishing someone had tagged you for `100 things you knew not ...' I'd be holding the powdered remnants of my ribs.


29 May, 2007 08:10  
Blogger Aseu said...

Where the hell have you been? The rest of the questions I could probally ask, have been asked. Baby boom hmm?

29 May, 2007 11:02  
Blogger Iwaya said...

1. Names of You and Magoo's babies?

2. One thing/person/pet/hobby you cannot live without?

3. Craziest thing that has happened to you in the last month?

4. Where did you live when you were in Kampala? Were you ever in Kampala anyway?

5. Can you cook?

6. Yes, why are you not blogging as much as you used to?

7. And yes, yes, are you married?

29 May, 2007 12:58  
Anonymous Omar said...

Delighted to have you back! Keep posting.

29 May, 2007 19:42  
Anonymous aegeus said...

Hebu you jibu bomseh then we unleash more questions bana. :-)

30 May, 2007 18:12  
Blogger Udi said...

I thought you and I had a chance together. But since you hate Careless Whisper, I am done with you. I love that song. "Should have known better than to cheat a friend"

31 May, 2007 00:39  
Blogger cromagnon said...

How come thin people can fart just as loud as fat people? One would have thought that cheek mass and decibel rating are directly proportional.

31 May, 2007 06:46  
Blogger Archer said...

Woi I'm sorry that I didn't tag you my dear! Ok consider yourself officially tagged for "5 reasons why you blog!!"

Why don't you like Careless Whisper? I love that song! At least I now know how to piss you off!

Now what question can I ask you? Lemme go think first!

31 May, 2007 15:31  
Anonymous magoola said...

Where do you keep disappearing to?

When do I get to have custody of the kids?

31 May, 2007 22:45  
Anonymous m said...

What do you have against Careless Whispers? Is it the guilty feet?

03 June, 2007 02:06  
Anonymous Milo said...

Which question would you have really liked someone to ask you?
What is the answer for said question?

04 June, 2007 15:17  
Blogger Tilly said...

now you Kenyan chick i really dont seem to understand you well.. How do you do thumbs up using your toes..teach us more

05 June, 2007 11:51  
Anonymous magoola said...

why did tell us to ask you if you knew you were gonna pull a vanishing act on us?

That's why we could never work out. Gimme my kids already.

05 June, 2007 22:11  
Blogger Unyc said...

U tagged urself by force....u r hilarious.

@What makes u tick?

14 June, 2007 17:26  
Anonymous Bomseh said...

Yes Magoola. Hebu she tells us shy she has disappeared again!

14 June, 2007 19:37  
Anonymous baz said...

If you had to do it all again, what would you do differently?

Did you vote? And what for?

Honestly, the end of Usual the Sixth Sense: you saw it coming didn't you?

Now: intrusive, personal questions:

who was the first man you ever really loved?

And how did you dispose of the body?

Did you really expect me to resist that?

18 June, 2007 11:03  
Blogger eddiie said...

Am just happy to refind you after almost a year of lostness..

Hope fun is what will be from now onwards...

If i may ask, where the hell could have a blogger like you disaapeared..or actually am the one who disappeard?

20 June, 2007 12:10  
Anonymous modo inquisitive said...

eish, kumbe wewe ni abelu (pronounced abeloo).

what inspired your other blog? (you know it, that one.)

How did you get here?

(bomseh's number 1 and 3)?

20 June, 2007 19:30  
Anonymous modo clarifying said...

abelu, because of the thumbs up.

20 June, 2007 19:32  
Blogger Xam said...

i agree with bomesh (28 may 2007) the post has been missing....

09 July, 2007 08:08  
Blogger Chanz said...

So is this supposed to be like Ask Aunt Tabby??
Where we ask questions whose answers we already know but want to see our issues in the dailies?

09 July, 2007 17:43  
Anonymous p1nk13 said...

damn that's just ............ skill i could marry you for that, but then you hate rap/hiphop :-( still would consider you. and for george michael thank God for earplugs.

let me get back to enjoying your blog

10 July, 2007 16:20  
Blogger Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very very good blog congratulations
regard from Catalonia - Spain
thank you

27 July, 2007 11:45  
Blogger boyflani said...

how the hell did i get here?huh!?any way, no regrets kenyan chicks...don t heed their calls, keep staying on the hiatus...:)

30 July, 2007 10:36  
Anonymous The Phantom said...

we have a name for peeps who come up for air and then vanish for a year like you - kiwani. someone calls them chiwani.

09 August, 2007 17:30  
Blogger leos child said...

so are you ready for chogm.just wondering!baby boom?

20 August, 2007 13:47  
Anonymous tumwijuke said...

Take a picture of the toe thing. I need proof.


28 August, 2007 21:43  
Anonymous magoola said...

You are my baby mama and all, but either you blog or you die.

30 August, 2007 11:13  
Blogger jeff said...

someone tell me what this tag thing is...I have no idea is that why i dont get any visits to ma blog.

31 August, 2007 11:54  
Blogger Darlkom said...

Before I read all these, I just want to ask: Are you sorry you did this? What with 32 comments and all. My actual question coming up.

19 September, 2007 09:57  
Blogger Darlkom said...


1. Are you ever going to answer any of these questions?

2. Do you have piercings or tattoes anywhere on your body? If so, where and of what?

3. This isn't really question, I love your blog.

4. This is, who are your favourite bloggers? (see what I did there?)

19 September, 2007 10:13  
Anonymous Cheri said...

It's taken 5 months but I'm still gonna go ahead and ask anyway...

Where on Earth are u???

When are u coming back from there?

Can't u find an internet cafe anywhere and put us out of our misery?

are u the famous Lucy Kibaki?

20 October, 2007 22:02  
Blogger mona said... your post, but i like hip hop and RnB.what kinda music dyou like.hola at me

07 November, 2007 20:05  
Anonymous Maua said...

Kenyanchick, I need help.

I need to understand why men sleep with their sisters-in-law or their spouse's best friend.

It's happened to me, a few friends and I wonder if I should trust men.

What do you think?

04 December, 2007 19:43  

I really love your posts. My question is for a novel I am writing. What would a Kenyan from Nakuru call a slimy politician?

14 August, 2010 00:07  

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