Monday, May 28, 2007

Ask Kenyanchick!

Look, I'm bored. And so, because nobody tagged me (I'm looking at you, Archer), I've decided to take matters into my own hands, throw down the gauntlet, take the bull by the horns...

(See? Told you I was bored).

Anyway, I've decided to invite y'all to Ask Kenyanchick.

However, don't bother asking me dumb stuff like my real name, bra size, or what I really think about Kenyan politics. I'll just lie.

But - because some people didn't tag me - I've decided to get the ball rolling and insistently answer one of the questions I wasn't asked (me? bitter?).

So, by force:

Three things (that you probably didn’t know) about Kenyanchick
  1. You know a thumbs up? I can do that with my toes. Seriously.
  2. I can write legibly with both hands. I used to be able to write backwards, but I must have bumped my head again, because now I can’t.
  3. I hate rap/hip hop (there’s no difference as far as I can see). But there are few songs on God’s green earth that I despise as much as George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” I will do anything – confess to killing JFK/Gandhi/Lumumba/anything – to make that song stop.
So, that should get you started. Knock yourselves out.